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We are on a mission to be a global leader and partner of choice in business management, and to empower that mission we need to make sure organisations are on the right path for success.


A CORE framework for successful business management and change

We have crafted a CORE business framework grounded on research and experience for cognisant business management and change which creates positive and sustainable impacts. The framework has four key components:

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Building solid foundations to empower strategic decisions is paramount for success. Understanding the purpose and vision for the business is what creates a common and clear understanding. Ensuring the processes are in place and setup for when the organisation starts its change journey is what creates the right foundation for success.

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The successful delivery and execution of strategic changes and operational optimisations is evident with the right flexible approach. Organisations today want early results to prove business case validity and keep barriers to change under control. Therefore, we have created our ‘Meta-agility’ delivery model which uses the principles of agile delivery teamed with agile methodologies to deliver fast results.

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Having the right experts primed and ready to take on your challenge and deliver high-quality is always key. That is why we have our expert resource model coupled with our business leadership methodology, quality assurance model, and continuous learning framework. With these tools our experts are always ready to take on a challenge and deliver impact.

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With all of the other components in place, it is now time to make an impact on your organisation. Our Client Impact Model breaks-down how we impact your organisation into three levels; Service, Solution, and Expertise. Our primary goal is to make a positive and sustainable impact in your organisation. 

Our NU-Path framework is our path to successfully manage your strategic changes and operational structures in your organisation. We have built our company on the same framework to prove its success.


Strategically manage business structures and change through a proven framework


Engraining quality with continuous learning and a great team of experts


A cognisant CORE framework to inform structured business optimisations

Looking for expert partners to solve your next challenge?

Using our impact model and expertise, we can help you to manage, optimise, accelerate, and sustain your business.

NUPROJEX is a brand name which is operated by NUPROJEX UK Limited registered in England No. 14724174.

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