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We bridge strategy and operations to give better visibility for strategic decision-making, impactful customer experience, and drive operational excellence. We have a passion for making positive and sustainable impacts. Let your next move be just that!


In recent years, poor business strategy and delivery has caused slower business and economic growth, and more toxic workplace cultures. Today, businesses only see an average of 67% return on investment on their business change strategies. In 2023, a global industry survey found that on average 80% of Digital Transformations failed during 2022. 

We think it’s time for a change. We are here to make an impact. We are NUPROJEX.

Why current business management practices need challenging

  • 80% of Digital Transformations FAIL

    A global survey conducted by BCG and McKinsey Global in 2023, found that on average 80% of all Digital Transformations fail.

  • 900 Billion$ LOST on FAILED Business Change

    Forbes reported in 2018 that 900 Billion$ worth of 'Change Budgets' globally amounted to zero financial benefits.

  • 2 Main Causes of Business Growth and Change failures

    Industry research suggests that the two most prominent causes of business growth and change failures stem from misled strategy changes and misaligned operations.



At NUPROJEX we focus on building the bridge that seamlessly connects business operations and business strategy. We achieve this through end-to-end business capability optimisation, project delivery management, unlocking the power of digital, and adding value throughout the delivery chain. 

Our NU-Path operating framework forms our CORE business model. Impacting business growth positively and sustainably is WHY we exist. HOW we do things is through our Client Impact Model. We work for you. 

We have developed a Delivery Management Model which is grounded on research, expertise, and experience, with our services being designed around it for cognisant business strategy management and operational excellence which truly empowers our clients to achieve their impossible

Solving your challenges through impactful engagement


We offer three flexible service levels to solve your key challenges in business management and change. Our mission is to ensure positive and sustainable impacts in your organisation.


Our toolbox of solutions have been tailored and designed specifically on key business challenges. We continuously innovate our solutions to align with specific challenges.

Technical & Industry Expertise

We map our services and solutions around technical and industry expertise to empower successful business management and change. We continuously develop core knowledge.

Clients we have positively and sustainably impacted

Looking for expert partners to solve your next challenge?

Using our impact model and expertise, we can help you to manage, optimise, accelerate, and sustain your business.

Making positive and sustainable impacts in your business.


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