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We have developed key solutions through our NU-PMO Solution Practice to excel project, programme, and portfolio management, and bridge the gap between business strategy and business operations, optimising your business growth and empowering operational excellence.


Ineffective operational structures and delivery management has a significant impact on profit gain and supporting business growth.

PMOs are the key to unlocking operational excellence, increasing profit and operational margins, and supporting business growth. The “Top 10 Percent” of organisations with high-performing PMOs have shown much better performance year on year in business indicators such as revenue, customer loyalty, and ESG indicators. That is why we have developed our capabilities and created innovative solutions to harness the power of PMOs and their benefits to business growth and operations. 

Enterprise Project Management Offices (EPMOs) play a crucial role in aligning projects with an organisation’s strategic goals. EPMOs help establish organisational agility and sustain change at a rate that can keep up with digital disruption. EPMOs are crucial for modern business environments, particularly in fostering an agile, responsive, and strategically aligned organisation. Let us show you where to start.

How we drive operational excellence through PMOs

Successful strategy and delivery efficiency is key to operational success and a healthy business. Our experience in complex and technical project delivery, portfolio management, and aligning business strategy with a delivery engine such as an EPMO is where we really make positive and sustainable impacts. We know what works when it comes to delivering projects, programs, and managing portfolios. You can outsource your delivery and management to us, or we can help setup your teams to be successful. We have developed our own framework which has proven success in making all types of PMOs deliver high-value

  • Chief PMO Officer (CPO) as a Service
  • Setup, optimise, and grow PMOs (including Enterprise PMOs)
  • Outsourced project and programme delivery
  • Agile Coaching
  • Project, Program, and Portfolio (PMO-3) Capability and Maturity Assessments.
  • Our own NU-PMO Framework Integration

Find out how we have made a positive and sustainable impact with PMO implementation and portfolio management.

Looking to build a delivery powerhouse to serve your business strategy?

Using our impact model and expertise, we can help you to manage, optimise, accelerate, and sustain your business operations and delivery engine.

Making positive and sustainable impacts in your business.


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