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We have developed innovative solutions through our NU-Strategy Solution Practice to grow, maintain, and optimise your business and help you to continue making positive and sustainable impacts.


Poor business strategy can lead to various challenges and failures and can impact growth and organisational stability.

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We work with start-ups, scalers, and small-medium enterprises to unlock the full potential of their organisations through business strategy and management solutions. We help you to focus on growth and sustaining your business through future planning. Making the right decisions at the right time is one of the biggest components of success. 

How we drive business strategy

Our business strategy and management solutions ensure your organisation are setup for success. We have a wide range of skills, experience, and expertise in most types of business strategy management and strategy implementation and can help drive positive and sustainable impacts for your business. Our business consultants will take you on a ‘Meta-Agile’ journey (NU-Journey) through the service level(s) which we believe will make most impact and apply tailored solutions to solve your biggest organisational challenges. We are your partners for successfully implementing and managing your business strategy.

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    Organisational function and process design using BPMN
  • NPX_icon_white-blue_trns
    Strategic development and alignment with key operations
  • NPX_icon_white-blue_trns
    Business Risk Management
  • NPX_icon_white-blue_trns
    Agile integration and transformation – DevOps and SAFe®
  • NPX_icon_white-blue_trns
    Business change management outsourcing
  • NPX_icon_white-blue_trns
    People & Culture development through transformational learning, mentoring and coaching.
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    C-Level integrated leadership

Looking to empower your business growth?

Using our impact model and expertise, we can empower you to make bold strategic decisions and reap the rewards of their successes.

NUPROJEX is a brand name which is operated by NUPROJEX UK Limited registered in England No. 14724174.

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