We know that to make real impact, informed expertise is required. We have merged specialist and industry expertise to ensure we hit the right spot.


Our technical expertise spans five key areas which we have developed through shared experience, and knowledge acquisition. Our Expert Resource Model consisting of internal experts and expert partners continuously develop our technical expertise to increase our capabilities in being able to deliver more value to our clients.

Industry-specific expertise is where we utilise our experience within different industry areas to develop industry-specific solutions. We develop our knowledge and subject matter expertise in specific industries which allows us to be able to tailor our technical expertise to industry-specific challenges. Bringing technical and industry expertise empowers us to deliver great impact for our clients.

Our services help us to assess the situation, so we can engineer the right solutions. Our expertise ensures we are wearing the right hat for the challenge.

Our specialist expertise

Business Management

Our expertise and network allows us to work with organisations of any sizes. Utilising our breadth of business management expertise, we can sustain and grow the core of your business. Our business experts work to empower the core of your business through strategic development, organisational design, disaster recovery and business continuity, and ESG and sustainability.

IT & Technology

We work with over 1000 global digital partners to deliver exciting digital change and IT solutions. We create and drive digital strategies, integrate sustainable technology, create partnerships between tech and people, and deliver full digital transformations. We are able to help you integrate the latest technology in your organisation.

PMO & Project Management

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in project delivery and project operations, working with you to optimise your deliveries. We help organisations to navigate uncertainty and deliver excellence through project management methodologies and standardisation, establishing PMOs, portfolio management frameworks, and creating centres and practices of excellence.

Personal Development & Executive Learning

We are a team of curious learners. Successful strategic and operational business management is only possible with effective leadership, knowledge, and skill, and that is why we expertly partner with people & culture experts to provide specific training, navigational coaching and mentoring, and learning journeys focussed on organisational change.

Agile Delivery & Operations

We continuously develop our expertise in agile methodologies and the application to business strategy and operations. Our growing network and our own agile experts and coaches can help you to unlock the full power of agile. We specialise in integrating agile frameworks such as SAFe, enabling DevOps capabilities, and enabling more understanding of agile delivery methods for your operations.


Our industry expertise

It is a well-known fact that each industry has unique challenges, but also sometimes share the same challenges. We work with multiple industries as we develop cross-industry solutions as well as industry-specific solutions. Our Expert Partner Network has worked in almost every industry, who support our own business consultants which have the right industry knowledge and expertise depending on the challenge.

We continuously develop our technical expertise through our NU-Academy to ensure we can continuously deliver high quality services and solutions to our clients. We have focussed in these areas as combined they are the ingredients to successful business strategy, operations, and delivery.

Looking for expert partners to solve your next challenge?

Using our impact model and expertise, we can help you to manage, optimise, accelerate, and sustain your business.

NUPROJEX is a brand name which is operated by NUPROJEX UK Limited registered in England No. 14724174.

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