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Improving the organisation through a change management program focussed on process optimisation.




6,000+ people


750,000 EUR




A large complex programme developing the in-car entertainment systems for VW Group cars from 2026 worked with a high number of internal and external suppliers. Clients included the VW Group brands requesting a high number of changes which took too long to assess, decide and deliver. This was causing low stakeholder satisfaction, and the business case justification was being called in to question.


We first understood the entry points where change was being requested and then optimised the central system to record change. We introduced a change board and governance to oversee the newly optimised change process. To add further value to the process we introduced internal service level agreements for change requests, which were defined from request to delivery. This was managed by a central team and an arm in the PMO.


Utilising our PMO experts and the NU-PMO specialist domain, the average change requests processing times immediately reduced from an average of 12 weeks to 8 weeks. Over time this reduced further to 6 weeks. This enabled a further increase in change assessments which improved quality management and higher system value. This enabled further financial sponsorship from the VW Group.

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